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Open rescue XXXIX (February 2018)

We rescued 8 hens. They will not die in the cage or in the slaughterhouse. We took them to their new homes. To kind people who caress them and will never hurt them. To those people who let them run in the grass, rake them, let them dust bath, warm up in the sun, swirl the snow with their wings.


Open rescue XXXVIII (December 2017)

Wet, dirty bedding and stench around the whole facility. The birds are screaming and are just as dirty and smelly as their living space. I hear Lukáš say that it is disgusting. I take out the camera to make few pictures and I look around that huge shed. It is brimming with unhappiness. So many animals have only this and then onto the slaughterhouse. And we have a home only for two of them.

Dead duck, another over there, one lying on her back breathing heavily, another one nearby.

Lukáš is opening the bag, I am catching ducks and putting them in. We close, leave and we will be back.

Plague and cholera to those who keep on feeding this. And not to forget, Merry Christmas.


Open rescue XXXVII (November 2017) & Support Walter Bond

A rabbit mom gives birth eight times every year. She does not want to but she has to. Each time there will be 7-10 little rabbits. After 78-82 days they are declared mature nough for the slaughter and they will be killed.

We took one mom and her ten kids from such a place. We drove them to the safety. To people who won´t kill them.

Thanks to those who offered their homes.


Open rescue XXXVI (November 2017) & In the memory of Britches + 467

We rescued 25 hens. They will not die in the cage nor in the slaughterhouse. We took them to the transfer place and from there to their new homes.


Open rescue XXXV (October 2017) & Support Lucy a Ethel

Rain and mud. I dropped Lukas and our anonymous friend close to poultry farm and I drove on to park at suitable place which was about three kilometers from there. After that I went to them.

The anonymous friend stayed out as a guard and we went for the hens. What could I writte? Over and over, still the same.


Open rescue XXXIV (October 2017)

We were here three weeks ago. The shed we got in the last time was empty. We weren‘t able to enter the next one. At first there were problems with the opening, then we retreated because of a guards visitor and then again when he went for his rounds. We are back today but there is only few of us.


Open rescue XXXIII (July 2017)

My friend told me that she lives in a flat with a huge terrace and that she could give a home to a duck or a chicken as her flatmate. So we went out for one chick.


Open rescue XXXII (July 2017) & Support Fermare Green Hill

It was a clear night. We slowly waded through the wet grass to the grounds. In twenty halls there were tens of thousands of imprisoned birds.


Open rescue XXXI (April 2017) & Support Joseph Buddenberg a Nicole Kissane

During Easter we went for a couple of plucked hens. One anonymous girlfriend layed down in the grass nearby gatehouse of the poultry house and patrolled the guard. I went with Lukas to the grounds. There was several dead hens in front of one hall. Lukas stayed outside the hall and I went in. There was only silence and vacuity. All hens were taken to the slaughterhouse because of holidays. We were late by two or three days.


Open rescue XXX (November 2016) & Support Lukáš Borlík

It’ raining, we are cold and tired. We can’t contact one of the patrols. There is only a noise heard from the radio transmitter. We have lost nearly half an hour by solving this situation.

Once everything’s all right and all patrols are contacted, me and Lukáš Krása climb the fence and go to one of the halls. We go fast, but calmly.


Open rescue XXIX (September 2016)

My name is Lukáš Krása and I decided to switch to direct actions (rescue). In following text, I will briefly describe my reasons and direct rescue process.


Open rescue XXVIII (July 2016) & Support Osman Evcan

A cold night, rain and thundering far away. Totally wet sitting nearby the enclosure and waiting until the patrol comes.

It’s safe. We can go.

We know this place, so the rescue is done quickly.

We have took four chickens and going away. Four chickens whose world was changed in a few minutes.

Open rescue XXVII (May 2016) & Support Martin Ignačák

Part of our reascue team got out of the car near the location. With bags and tools they disappear into dark.

I´m driving with a friend to park the car maybe 3 km away. Later on we slowly go back to the place where the rest of us is waiting. Two people on the night walk, hand in hand like a couple - less noticable then a group of four or five.

Watchmen go to their locations. When they give us go, we jump over the fence.


How are the rescued ducks doing

I got a message about ducks liberated during the XXVth rescue. What is their life like after two months and what it did to the guy who is caring for them. He had no previous duck experience. Just a space that he made into a home. I thank him and everyone else who gave homes. (MK)


Open rescue XXVI (March 2016) & Support Keith Mann

Few halls, gatehouse and old Škoda in front of it. Few halls and 180 000 pullets inside. So many crippled lives.

The night is dark and chilly. Sentry gives us a go. We follow the fence. Slowly, quietly.


Open rescue XXV. (January 2016)

One chilly night we climbed over a wall of one of many concentration camps. It consists of a slaughterhouse and several sheds with animals. Few steps, little bit of time at the door and we are in one of those sheds. Stench, dirty birds with clipped wings, living among dead and dead among living. Grief, anger and despair. We take four of them with us, the rest stays behind. Four of them are safe, they will run on grass, enjoy fresh air and no one is going to cut their throats.

We saved four of them, the rest stays behind.