Rescue Action LXII & Happy birthday Marius Marie Manson (February 2021)

Written by Petra Musilová.

I listened to the wail of animals while I was watching one of the roads inside the factory farm. I tried to prepare myself for the horror I was going to witness. For a moment I turned back to the forest. To the nature that people stole from animals in these buildings. Yet the only thing that separated them was just stupid wooden door.

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We entered one of the factory farm buildings and were led directly to the fenced area between the discarded turkeys. The wounded, sick, dying and dead ones. Some had large black bumps on their bodies. With each move we had to overstep more and more turkeys which no longer had the strength to retreat.

Mike entered the part where they kept the other turkeys and I needed to sit down. Around me there were only limp bodies of turkeys. Under the headlight I discovered that some of them were looking at me… that they were still alive. They lay with their head leaning against the wall or body of another turkey. They were so scared, some of them only pulled themselves a few times in an attempt to escape, others watched me motionless as if they no longer perceved. Dead, dying, I caressed them all in tears, Lukas caressed others near me.

We rescued two turkeys and a few days later we returned to rescue another two.

Happy birthday Marius Marie Manson

Marius (Marie) Mason was arrested in 2008 on charges of the Earth Liberation Front and sentenced to jail for nearly 22 years (262 months). He was accused of two sabotages and refused to report other activists, but eventually confessed to 13 actions (12 x E.L.F. and 1 x A.L.F.). At this time, Marius was still Marie.

Against Mary (Marius) testified even her husband Frank Ambrose, who was a paid FBI snitch

Happy birthday Marius Manson
Marius Mason #04672-061
FMC Carswell
Post Office Box 27137
Fort Worth, Texas 76127

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