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Letters to me, to you I.

It has been fifteen, maybe seventeen, maybe over twenty years since my first sabotage. For an investigation, we visited factory farm with so called broiler chickens. We got in but the hall was empty. My collegue turned and was about to leave. I stood there, thinking of all those little birds that lived and died here. I was thinking about those who survived just to be transported and slaughtered.

Booklet: I don’t harm if I don’t have to

This booklet is available for download and free to distribution. If you are going to sell it, then for a price of a printing or for a voluntary fee. If you get some money, use it on the spread of vegan ideas, vegan cookery for the public, more printouts of these booklet, or you can send it to my account as a contribution to my work - rescue, investigation etc.

The booklet is not intended for propagation of welfare and other nonsense.


Look at me

They say that we get used to anything. That any horror is less horrible and less painful in time. But the fucking show-business with deaths and lives of animals is just more and more ailing me. When I came back from a farm or a transport, I would sit at a computer and process the photos and videos in a few hours. Usually in one go. Today, it can be weeks. I’m getting up, walking in the room, there are photos to which I return all the time. I go through them again and again. Everything is dead. There are only few animals that we managed to rescue. To give them back their stolen life.


Where to go (part one)

I don’t think we can reach some profound and lasting change by force, be it according to or against the laws being. We do not have that much tanks or ballistic missiles, or enough money to corrupt the world government. And what if the end does not justify the means and the means can shift the end? That would be a good thing to hear for the inquisition and all who want to change the world to their eyes with a stick.


Because the animals do not care if you wear or not a mask

I have personally crawled through many fur farms, cattle rearing farms, poultry houses and pig barns and I am still surprised that all of this is real.

I have seen minks, ferrets and arctic foxes being killed so that an image obsessed slut could feel luxurious and sexy; lonely calves confined to small boxes, torn away from their mothers and their milk, because milk belongs to the business and calves to the slaughter houses; pigs sitting and gagging in shit, their own as well as others; purposely distorted chicks that are then called broiler chickens, who are advertised as healthy and tasty meat; and I have seen hens - madly cackling and half-lunatic egg machines - covered on feathers; and I saw that all is so damn hard. I have witnessed many other terrible abuses that the judiciary system as well as the mainstream society either endorse outright or are complicit with through their silence.

I could hope that one day a change will come and I can strive towards that future. It’s just that… what about the animals whose lives, at this very moment, are maimed?


Abolitionism, Veganism and Anarchy in the Protection of Animals

I remember how a friend and I once caught a mouse. We climbed with it onto the roof of the local bowling alley (as children we spent a lot of time on that roof), tied a string to its tail, and played with it. When it tried to run, we let it get a little way, then we slowly pulled it back, or yanked on the string, and had fun watching it fight for its life.


Interview for the magazine Accion Vegana (11/2008)

How is the animal liberation movement in the Czech Republic?

It mostly made concessions and collaborates with those who defend the abuse of animals and it justifies this as a strategy. It is tame and concerned with welfare. Full of empty words. More focused on popularity and less on content.


Broilers: wretched babies


The keystone of the term broiler is a highly intensive fastfeeding of an immature body. Broilers are children whose muscles equal the weight of a grown-up while their skeleton and the inner organs remain childlike. The broiler industry is a purposeful cripple manufactory.



A young woman once explained me that, she only eats organic meat because factory farms are sick and she doesn’t want to take part in such things. I answered that, if I were in the condemned cell, I would be pleased if it was padded, with a cable TV and mating every evening. It would be better than to sleep in dirt, hungry, with rats biting into me and a warden smacking my face. It would be thousand times better, but the purpose is absolutely the same.