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When they enjoy death in church … (Hejnice - October 2009)

I arrived in Hejnice a few minutes after the parade started. I saw a cart pulled by two horses, drove by four cheerful teenagers and loaded with two dead. A roebuck and a female fallow deer. I pulled into the first side street, where I could park, jumped out of the car and ran to shoot pictures. Unfortunately, I parked in the no entry part, unfortunately opposite a police station and unfortunately for 500 CZK. At that moment I did not care.


Hog-Killing Time (April 2009)

As a little boy I used to visit hog-killing a lot. My eyes were in another universe than they are today. The killing was a pleasure. Family celebration. Aunties, uncles, cousins, grandma and grandpa. Loud welcomes, laughter over head and ears, plum brandy and ‘kids, go have a look on the piggy’.


Of a dead stag, stupid tradition and its consecration (Plumlov - October 2008)

Every year from September to November, dead stags, hares, pheasants and others are sacrificed in churches and, over their bodies, in hallowed reverence stand the people whose entertainment and mission is to chase and kill animals (and for this purpose also to care for them). This chase and killing is being blessed by a priest, the Bible is read, people kneel, pray, wind horns and feel solemnly.

It is the St. Hubert’s mass.


This is a time of grief. Don´t smile. (Šternberk 2007)

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This is a time of grief. Don´t smile. (Olomouc 2007)

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About mouselet and piece of bread (2006)

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Čenda (October 2006)

Čenda, Venda, Ledňáček. Three rams, that me and my friend Čuňák visited from October till the end of the year 2006, once – twice a month. We filmed them how they grew up, played, discovered their restricted space. One day, they stoped to be sheep; they became lamb.


Hog-Killing Time (November 2006)