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How are the rescued ducks doing

I got a message about ducks liberated during the XXVth rescue. What is their life like after two months and what it did to the guy who is caring for them. He had no previous duck experience. Just a space that he made into a home. I thank him and everyone else who gave homes. (MK)


Chuck died

Few weeks ago, I received a mail from my friend. She wrote that Chuck died. This is a little remembrance of him.


Video from Tom and Isa (Austria)

When I lay in the hospital after my accident and  waited with my leg in ice, until the swelling disappears so that the surgery could be done, my female partner started to bring me a big amount of printed mails from various continets. There were soon recovery wishes and I was surprised, how they know about the accident.


13 hens rescued (Automone TierschützerInnen)

Autonomous animal liberation activists liberated on the weekend (april 2008) 13 layers - hens from animal concentration camps in austrian lower-upper border area in an direct action “Dedicated to Michal”.


Five hens rescued (Animal liberation activist czech)

“Five young hens were liberated from battery cages
The five lives were rescued the day of the 6th of November and given a new home full of sun and fresh air. They can spend the rest of their lives in this better, beautiful home and be free. This action is dedicated to czech activist and open rescuer Michal Kolesar. 
‘for the animals’

Animal liberation activists czech