Chuck died

Few weeks ago, I received a mail from my friend. She wrote that Chuck died. This is a little remembrance of him.


My friend took him from one farm stall in Austria, where I filmed and took pictures. After that we moved to another object, where we hoped to take few animals from and instead of this I end up in a hospital.

Chuck lived under the care and in closeness of a kind person 10 months. It’s not much, I know. But so called broiler chicken are sent to slaughterhouse between 39 - 42 days. Try to count, how many manufactured lifes fit into his one.

Shortly after rescue


And as time went by…




Photogallery and video from the place, where we took Chuck from

Click on the photo and come to the photogallery.

[pro-player width='530' height='253' type='FLV'][/pro-player]

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