Video from Tom and Isa (Austria)

When I lay in the hospital after my accident and  waited with my leg in ice, until the swelling disappears so that the surgery could be done, my female partner started to bring me a big amount of printed mails from various continets. There were soon recovery wishes and I was surprised, how they know about the accident.

Later on I got to know, that it´s thanks to my close fellows from Austria. They sent out the message so far they could. I admit, that all the mails and the video from Tom and Isa helped me a lot. One of my friends  expressed himself, tha t after watching the video he though I died. And after I watched it, I thougt the same:). But the truth is, that it really reflects my friendship with Tom and Tom himself.

I consider it a big luck, that we met and I have a huge respect of his and Isa´s work, with who they are man and woman to each other and mutual support.  

Look at their other videos and you may understand.

Thanks, my brother.


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