How are the rescued ducks doing

I got a message about ducks liberated during the XXVth rescue. What is their life like after two months and what it did to the guy who is caring for them. He had no previous duck experience. Just a space that he made into a home. I thank him and everyone else who gave homes. (MK)

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News from home (anonymous)

It’s Sunday afternoon, not a soul around, just me and four ducks who bath in the sun together, watching leaves moving, listening to the birds singing, wind blowing and feeling every single moment that they wouldn’t have a chance to feel for originally they were sentenced to a life in a concentration camp, where they and thousand of others awaited certain death.

They are quite big already, but their souls are still those of „children”, just like broiler chicks. Every day they discover new things and experiences that are otherwise completely natural but for them completely unknown. Like bathing and staying in water.

I’m not sure what to compare it with but while watching these little fellas when bathing and taking care of their feathers, that was almost missing at first, you will transcend to a different world and forget all your troubles. You see that joy when one of them jumps into water. Then second and third. You can watch them whole day without a word.

After dinner, when they move together to their nest to sleep, where they are awaiting each new day, I will realize time and time again that overwhelming majority of them does not have this opportunity and I get sad and pissed off.

From the pictures and description of the whole rescue mission I can only imagine what was going on in their lives and I know one thing, none of us would not want to live through that.

So I beg everyone who has the chance to offer a home if only for just one animal, guinea pig, dog, hen, doesn’t matter, please do it.

You will see right after few minutes that it makes sense. It makes sense FOR THEM.

Thanks to all who’ll decided this way and particularly a big thank you to those who don’t just talk and who really save animals and take them towards new, free tomorrows without human cruelty and superiority.


If you are in doubt because you have no previous experience with hens or ducks, don’t worry. All of the info can be found on-line and you will learn as you go. It was the same for me. Just carefully read through breeders’ forums and discussions.

I will try to sum up few beginner’s advices and tips that I could note in the time me and the ducks are together.

FOOD: I buy pelleted mix for egg-laying hens. They have access to it for a whole day and they eat as they want. Of course, there is also a specialized feed for ducks, you can buy that, just keep an eye on the ingredients for animal fats, GMO or plant oil. Up to you.

I also have a bag of wheat. That’s just complementary food, mostly they get it before night. I soak, boil or sprout it. I switch between feeding methods.

Sometimes I mix it to the pellets, other times I mix it with cooked potatoes and grated vegetables, or simply just pour it into a pot full of water. That is fun for ducks since they have to dive for it underwater. Corn is also good, especially for winter.

Then they are getting grated apples, pears, red beets, grounded flax seed, kohlrabi or carrot leaves etc. It is not recommended to feed them anything salty, or remains from kitchen. They often walk around the garden and dig in the ground, so they can find „something” for themselves too. You shouldn’t missed out on handful of gravel that supports good digestion. I buy fine and ground sand that I mix together.

WATER: For sure one of the most important things. There are several ways to solve it. Lots of inspiration on-line…

Some people buried a bath, kiddie pool or sandbox in the ground. Ideally little lagoon downright. Important thing is to let them comfortably get in and out when they are tired or soak their wings. Ducks are quite clumsy so often times they find the least comfortable path. At least these ones do.

Don’t forget that at the farm they have no water in the shed, so at first they will not understand that they are ducks, that they can swim.

That’s why I would recommend to let them touch the bottom at first, or some plank to stand on. They have to get accustomed to it.

I change the water once in two weeks or according to the soiling. Depends what type you will choose.

ACCOMODATION: If you want and can spend money, you can buy already built duck house, that can be already isolated (recommended for winter).

It’s most certainly the fastest and most comfortable way. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can do with pallets a polystyrene. It’s already getting warm outside so it’s a big advantage for sorting this out.

I use straw as a bedding. The bigger pack you buy, the cheaper it will be. Just don’t buy it in pet shops or similar shops for animals.

Every day I clean out soiled straw form the duck house, I change it for clean and dry. Major cleanup happens once in every two weeks. I take Ecover, pour it in the water, properly scrub the dirt and it’s done. I don’t give them food nor water inside for night. Straw would be wet and dirty which is not good.

You won’t be probably able to avoid it in the first few days. They have to get accustomed to their new home, so they probably won’t get out much or, like in my case when they will get to you in the middle of winter, you will not let them out unless they have feathers to protect them.

Which means you will have to put water and food inside and clean out daily. I would make some shelter outside where they can hide. Though most of their time is spent wandering around the garden, bathing, taking care of feathers or sleeping somewhere under the bush. In the end I would like to add… beware of sharp objects, holes and PREDATORS!

I hope these notes will be at least a little bit useful to you. Right now it’s 1:30 AM but somehow I feel there is no need to wait for another day.

Have a look at the pictured from the rescue of these four ducks. They certainly can’t live through a worse hell.

I enclose recent pics. I hope you will like them and it will inspire you to do the best you can. To offer a life.


Open rescue XXV. (January 2016)

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