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Fur farms: Knínice 2010 and Syrovice 2010

In October and November 2010 I visited, together with few colleagues, certain fur farms on the territory acclaimed by Czech Republic. I had visited the hell in 2006 and 2007 and now I watched different animals in same cages and with same fate. Feed and kill. Skinned body to be thrown away or fed to someone else and the rest washed clean of blood and put in the sale.


Look at me

They say that we get used to anything. That any horror is less horrible and less painful in time. But the fucking show-business with deaths and lives of animals is just more and more ailing me. When I came back from a farm or a transport, I would sit at a computer and process the photos and videos in a few hours. Usually in one go. Today, it can be weeks. I’m getting up, walking in the room, there are photos to which I return all the time. I go through them again and again. Everything is dead. There are only few animals that we managed to rescue. To give them back their stolen life.


Open rescue XIX. (November 2010) & support for the prosecuted and busted

Ten hens were rescued from unneccessary suffering and violent killing. They were transported to a new, safe home where they will live in the grass, sun and fresh air. They will be able to spread their wings and run, and the weaker ones will have the possibility to escape the stronger ones. Send it further.


Leaky cows (October 2010)

It is important for the agribusiness that animals are perfect machines. And perfect machines need perfect fuel. So they try to find and produce such food for them, so that it fits the reason why they make live machines from live beings.


Where to go (part one)

I don’t think we can reach some profound and lasting change by force, be it according to or against the laws being. We do not have that much tanks or ballistic missiles, or enough money to corrupt the world government. And what if the end does not justify the means and the means can shift the end? That would be a good thing to hear for the inquisition and all who want to change the world to their eyes with a stick.


Against the Current (ČT2 - 17.03.2010)

Michal Kolesar in the show Against the Current made by Czech Television Channel. English subtitles by WAFPRESS ( ) (dále…)

When they enjoy death in church … (Hejnice - October 2009)

I arrived in Hejnice a few minutes after the parade started. I saw a cart pulled by two horses, drove by four cheerful teenagers and loaded with two dead. A roebuck and a female fallow deer. I pulled into the first side street, where I could park, jumped out of the car and ran to shoot pictures. Unfortunately, I parked in the no entry part, unfortunately opposite a police station and unfortunately for 500 CZK. At that moment I did not care.


Open rescue XVIII. (October 2009)

Ten chickens rescued from meaningless suffering and meaningless deaths. They were moved to a new, safe home. Ahead of them is not a long and full life, because their genoms were destroyed so that their bodies grow faster and bear more flesh and so that the business is more profitable. But despite of it, this way they’ll be better off. They will learn what sun is and what fresh air is and what are people who do not see them as just meat and money. Spread the message.


Two fur farms gone to shit. Flushing them with delight.

Two factory fur farms ended. One in Příkazy, the other one in Souměř.

Just when I decided to visit Souměř, the owner ended it. This way I’d like to appeal to all other fur farm owners to let me know in advance next time their meaningless violent businesses go to hell. So that I don’t have to waste petrol. Thank you. (dále…)

Open rescue XVII. (September 2009)

13 hens rescued from meaningless suffering and meaningless death. They were moved to a new, safe home, where they will live in grass and sun, will be able to stretch their wings and run and the weaker will be able to escape the stronger. Forward it to others.


Open rescue XVI. (August 2009)

17 hens rescued from meaningless suffering and meaningless death. They were moved to a new, safe home, where they will live in grass and sun, will be able to stretch their wings and run and the weaker will be able to escape the stronger. Forward it to others. (dále…)

Broilers: wretched babies II (July 2009)

The keystone of the term broiler is a highly intensive fastfeeding of an immature body. Broilers are children whose muscles equal the weight of a grown-up while their skeleton and the inner organs remain childlike. The broiler industry is a purposeful cripple manufactory.


Open rescue XV. - In Memory of Gari Allen (June 2009)

In June 2009, 65 hens were freed from unnecessary suffering and misery of battery cages. They were transffered to new, safe homes.


Animals are not gifts, neither is their rescue. Therefore not even this rescue is meant as a gift and is not dedicated to anyone. It is only related to the memory of a man who could do more than just saying nothing, moaning and crying.

On 16th of June 2006, after a short illness, Gari Allen died.


Because the animals do not care if you wear or not a mask

I have personally crawled through many fur farms, cattle rearing farms, poultry houses and pig barns and I am still surprised that all of this is real.

I have seen minks, ferrets and arctic foxes being killed so that an image obsessed slut could feel luxurious and sexy; lonely calves confined to small boxes, torn away from their mothers and their milk, because milk belongs to the business and calves to the slaughter houses; pigs sitting and gagging in shit, their own as well as others; purposely distorted chicks that are then called broiler chickens, who are advertised as healthy and tasty meat; and I have seen hens - madly cackling and half-lunatic egg machines - covered on feathers; and I saw that all is so damn hard. I have witnessed many other terrible abuses that the judiciary system as well as the mainstream society either endorse outright or are complicit with through their silence.

I could hope that one day a change will come and I can strive towards that future. It’s just that… what about the animals whose lives, at this very moment, are maimed?


Open rescue XIV (May 2009)

In May 2009 there were 16 hens freed from battery cages and put in new, safe homes.


Chuck died

Few weeks ago, I received a mail from my friend. She wrote that Chuck died. This is a little remembrance of him.