Open rescue XLIV (August 2018) & Institute of Anxious

We had to divide this rescue into two actions.

Girls from Institut úzkosti (Institute of Anxious) found new homes for twenty hens. So we went to take them. When I was taking the eleventh hen, our rescue guard was informing us, that the security guard at this area, begun his walk. We took the twelfth hen, locked the metal door of this hall, and climbed the fence to field, where we were waiting until the security is gone.

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We saw a strong battery flashlight in a while. After that the security guide rapidly controlled all the doors of halls. He passed by us and got lost on the corner. We were waiting our rescue guide to inform us, that the security guide has returned, is sitting on his ass, and so we can continue rescuing. Unfortunately even after two hours he did not. We pretty do not know whether elephants trampled him to death, or butterflies torn him apart, or he just disappeared.

Several hours long journey was waiting for Lukáš, which we did not want to make in hot weather, because of hens.  We ended the action and wanted to return later back for the rest eight hens. And later we did so. Twenty hens have new homes now with kind humans. Institut úzkosti (Institute of Anxious) decided for open support to open rescues.

Declaration of Institut úzkosti (Institute of Anxious)

Farm animals are animals, not meat. Open rescues are a reaction to unduly slow and warily running process of change in the farm animals protection department. Until the relationships between humans and animals are redefined, what would cause changing of their status and also life conditions, are open rescues one of pardonable ways of fighting for animal rights.

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