Čenda (October 2006)

Čenda, Venda, Ledňáček. Three rams, that me and my friend Čuňák visited from October till the end of the year 2006, once – twice a month. We filmed them how they grew up, played, discovered their restricted space. One day, they stoped to be sheep; they became lamb.

It´s few hours of record, that I have to work up. So far just the remembrance to Čenda and his endstation and few sentences from the script.

This document is directed to the people who are the opinion, that if we look after the animals good, it gives us the right to kill them. The truth is, that even the best care about any of the „farm“ animal doesn´t make their killing legitimate. We should ask, if we are able to live without parasiting on other living creatures. The vegan culture teaches and proofs, that we are able.

The document is also for those, who refused to kill other living creatures becouse of consummation of their bodies or to participate in other ways on their exploitation, but they forget; when two do the same, it doesn´t have to be the same. All of those, who keep animals, don´t keep them in boredom, solitude and permanent despair and don´t „enrich“ their lifes with threshing them according their mood and taste. There ase several ways, how to keep someone in captivity. It doesn´t apologize neither the captivity nor the killing, yet we shouldn´t forget about this.

But the essential, what we should remember and realize among our tears, compassion and understanding is that someone is taking the life of someone else. And he/she doesn´t have to.

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