Open rescue XXVII (May 2016) & Support Martin Ignačák

Part of our reascue team got out of the car near the location. With bags and tools they disappear into dark.

I´m driving with a friend to park the car maybe 3 km away. Later on we slowly go back to the place where the rest of us is waiting. Two people on the night walk, hand in hand like a couple - less noticable then a group of four or five.

Watchmen go to their locations. When they give us go, we jump over the fence.

We see a few death hens on the concerete in front of the hall. We continue and go inside.

Hens´ cry, smell, dust, sticky atmosphere and feathers. Crippled lives. Humanity in praxis.

Few pictures and we go. With 8 hens.

Click on the photo and come to the photogallery.


From my point of view it seems cops raped the mythical bird Phoenix“, planned a terror attack, imputed others and they are even expecting a praise of it.

Martin Ignačák is being held in prison for 13 months. He started his hunger strike on May, 27th. Two days later Martin’s sister Pavla joined him in the hunger strike protest.

Let’s wish to Martin, his sister, the others blamed and their next-of-kin a lot of energy and good luck.

(Michal Kolesár)

Few words from our anonym team member

By every next intrusion to the animals I have on my mind that I am on the right way. I don’t regret anything.

Today everything’s going smoothly and the most significant things because of which we are here are succesfully done. Saving couple of innocent lives.

Herewith I wish to express my big support to Martin I. who commenced a hunger strike. It is admirable he holds the veganism idea defense and keeps his mind clear.

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