Open rescue XXI (June 2011) & support for Spanish12

I was contacted by a man whose family has sheep in captivity, and they decided that they are going to sell some of the newborn lambs for meat and to kill the other ones by themselves. He pleaded with them not to do it. To no avail. Six of them had to die, one lambs fate was uncertain.

He decided, therefore, that he will save the lambs against the wishes of his family.

He wrote to me and asked for help.

So one night we took seven lambs designated for slaughter and took them to new homes.

Thanks to all who were with me at this rescue mission and to all who supported us financially.

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A few words from one female rescuer:

It was my first time. I put on a mask and together with others went to get the lambs. I took the smallest one in my arms. I could feel her heart beating near my heart. I calmed down. The fear remained, but it was not about me. It was about her.

I do not regret. Not a chance. There are only a few deeds, which I could say with certainty, that are ok and that they are worth the risk.


A few words from one rescuer:

….. when I heard “go” on the radio followed by the lambs beeee, I was happy that I was part of this operation. When the animals grazed on the rest spot, ran freely and it was time to cuddle with them, I was even happier. Then came the separation moment, the lambs were loaded again and delivered into new homes. At that moment I had tears of happiness and sadness in my eyes. It was clear to me that I will never see them again while I was happy for 7 saved lives.


To those who say that saving eleven or three hundred or one hen is only symbolical, I answer: If there was three hundred people drowning in water and you saved only one, would that be symbolical?

The direct rescue of animals changes the present instead of dreaming of a better future. This is not about abstract lives but about concrete lives. It holds to the real priorities and destroys the pretended ones. The immediacy of saving a life is more important than possession, law, the will of the majority or a democratic choice.

Because the animals do not care if you wear or not a mask

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Support for the Spanish 12

In an effort to protect the imprisonment, rape, torture and killing of billions of animals there was a criminal conspiracy of the industrial and legislative power structure.

Guardia Civil (*) on June 22, 2011 arrested 12 Spanish activists for the offense of active compassion, good deeds and committing other counterterrorism activities.

(*) I recommend to delete the character of El honor es mi divisa. Humor is a good thing but not to overdo it.

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