Fur farms: Knínice 2010 and Syrovice 2010

In October and November 2010 I visited, together with few colleagues, certain fur farms on the territory acclaimed by Czech Republic. I had visited the hell in 2006 and 2007 and now I watched different animals in same cages and with same fate. Feed and kill. Skinned body to be thrown away or fed to someone else and the rest washed clean of blood and put in the sale.

Most of the animals whom you can now see on the photos and videos will not be but memories in few weeks. For me memories vivid and painful. Even after years I did not get used to it and did not reconcile.

I see minks and foxes in shop windows and I meet them on streets. As coats, jackets with fur trimming or trimming on boots.

I think of a fox who stared wearily with his or her head inclined. I think of another one, who in his or her small living space kept scratching on the metal plate. I think of a dead mink, whom I picked up from the dust. I think of a living mink, who had cuddled to the other one and was trying to get warm together. I think of another mink who had escaped and was running between the cages. I think of all the cries, barking, and squeaking.

They stole their space, forests and water and replaced them with dull boredom and waiting for the end in small cage. Then the death by injection or gassing.

Thank you to all who visited these farms with me and to those who gave money for the petrol.

Translation: Katina - veganskaetika.blogspot.com

Knínice 2010

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Syrovice 2010



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