Open rescue XIX. (November 2010) & support for the prosecuted and busted

Ten hens were rescued from unneccessary suffering and violent killing. They were transported to a new, safe home where they will live in the grass, sun and fresh air. They will be able to spread their wings and run, and the weaker ones will have the possibility to escape the stronger ones. Send it further.

Instead of dreaming of a better future the open rescues change the present. They are not about any abstract lives but about concrete ones. They stick to real priorities and smash the false ones. Saving lives is more important than property, law, the will of the majority or democratic choice. They stand for open resistence, conflict instead of begging and crying and wailing for how little we can change, and as for rescued animals, we changed their whole lives.

Click on the photo and come to the photogallery.


There is nothing which can tame humans permanently.
No stick and carrot.




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