Leaky cows (October 2010)

It is important for the agribusiness that animals are perfect machines. And perfect machines need perfect fuel. So they try to find and produce such food for them, so that it fits the reason why they make live machines from live beings.

In this case I’m talking about cows and their milk.

One of the tricks how to determine the digestibility of feed is to insert a permanent cannula into cow’s rumen and take samples regularly.

Permanent rumen cannulas are also inserted to determine the degrability of nitrogen by means of in sacco method, where nylon bags with food samples are inserted in the rumen. Here they are stored for some period of time and then taken out and analysed.

Simply said they make a hole into a cow, take samples out of her stomach and analyse them for better business.

Some time ago I made a visit to certain university and took few photos of the leaky cows. Look at them carefully. This is another of the dairy secrets.

Click on the photo and come to the photogallery.

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