Open rescue XVIII. (October 2009)

Ten chickens rescued from meaningless suffering and meaningless deaths. They were moved to a new, safe home. Ahead of them is not a long and full life, because their genoms were destroyed so that their bodies grow faster and bear more flesh and so that the business is more profitable. But despite of it, this way they’ll be better off. They will learn what sun is and what fresh air is and what are people who do not see them as just meat and money. Spread the message.

Broilers: Wretched babies

The keystone of the term broiler is a highly intensive fastfeeding of an immature body. Broilers are children whose muscles equal the weight of a grown-up while their skeleton and the inner organs remain childlike. The broiler industry is a purposeful cripple manufactory.


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rescuexv-261 rescuexv-391

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