Mother - sow (June 2007)

The cots for the sows are a long set of cages. A long line of animals with painfull joints and more than common irritation of the uterus. Long hours the animals, abused with boredom, are chewing to no use or only maybe a bite or are monotonously gnawing on railings. Their life is a circle of forced artificial insemination and giving birth, always in one circle, till they are utterly exhausted. Then they are loaded on a truck and driven to slaughter.

I have bad luck with this farm. In 2006, I could only shoot the video, got hit the head on the beam (and quite heavily) and then I had to disappear without making photos, because somebody appeared. A year later I made the video, avoided the beam and managed to do just a few photos and then I had to disappear again.

Click on the photo and come to the photogallery. (Photo 1-63)

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